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Seeing the need for an Interior Designer

What does it takes to remodel your home and why you do need an interior designer to do it?  The DIY-ers out there are often willing to tackle remodel projects and with commonly available resources, many projects can be sensibly done on your own. However, many spaces are more complicated than they appear on the surface, and unexpected elements or complications can quickly turn a seemingly simple project into an expensive disaster.


Kitchens are complicated
Let’s talk about remodeling your kitchen. Kitchens are complicated. They have layers that need to be carefully considered, and as the most-used room in your home, poor planning can lead to issues that quickly affect your whole project, your routine, and your lifestyle.

While you may have an overall aesthetic in mind, many homeowners do not have visibility into structural features of their kitchen or a good understanding of plumbing needs. Our expert designers have the ability to see past the glossy vision of a finished space, to analyze the structures, layout options, and available configurations for all the things you need in your ideal kitchen. It takes an expert eye to marry these with the finished project, and ensure the right steps are taken in the process to achieve that vision.


Expecting the unexpected

Hiring a kitchen designer not only helps clarify your vision of a perfect kitchen, but can make the whole remodel process smoother. Any designer can select beautiful colors and finishes, but a great kitchen designer will help you identify creative solutions to your space needs, select top-notch contractors, and manage the complete schedule for your project.

Additionally, hiring a great kitchen designer can help you avoid costly mistakes in your process, and find great alternatives to achieve the look you want for less.


Join us with a look Through a Designer’s Eye

Visit us at the Columbus Dispatch Fall Home & Garden Show as we unveil a new display that shares the many layers of the design process. It will give you a glimpse of what it is like to see your kitchen remodel through the eyes of an experienced kitchen designer!

Columbus Dispatch Fall Home & Garden Show
Sept. 9-11, 2022 • 11 am – 6 pm
Bricker Building, at the Ohio Expo Center